Kartek is an interdisciplinary research-based
technology development and consulting company
designing solutions for industries.

We are serving enterprises and communities by sharing our knowledge at the intersection of
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Extended Reality (XR) and Robotics.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world around us dramatically. It is expanding humans’ lifespans by diagnosing illnesses at high accuracies, making vehicles responsive to their surroundings, even generating arts and music.

Research and development within the scope of artificial intelligence at Kartek is assisting our partners in enhancing their workflow. Our know-how and technologies are providing them solutions for big data handling, manufacturing process controls, better designed products,  operational cost predictions and reducing the chance of occupational accidents.


Extended Reality

Extended Reality is revolutionizing how we interact with virtual, physical and hybrid spaces. You can be the hero in a movie, feed your pet whale in your living room, and test chemical reactions anywhere innocuously.

Kartek is utilizing XR technologies at industrial scales to reveal previously unseen potentials. We are building more interactive design tools, inexpensive education/training platforms, immersive simulation systems, centralized maintenance/repair infrastructures, and holographic communication devices to improve your productivity.

Robotics & Computer Vision

Industry 4.0 is even becoming obsolete as a result of all of the current remarkable inventions in the field of Robotics along with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Robots now can learn how to operate repetitive tasks from us without hard-coded instructions, make decisions in extreme situations they’ve never faced before, and work collaboratively with humans in the same physical space.

We offer consulting services and accessible technologies from micro to large scale applications of integrated computation-networking-physical processes, and customized IoT systems to upgrade your business to the next level.



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